On the early stage equity side, we intend to back exceptional founders, who are building category defining startups with a proclivity to invest at pre-seed, seed and pre-Series A stage. We seek to be contrarian optimists and invest in businesses going from atom to bits through use of tech as a horizontal. We are unabashedly founders first. In a world with abundant capital, we believe winning is increasingly about investors getting picked by the best founders due to demonstrated value add, rather than the old school style of investors picking founders. We are of the opinion that exercising good judgement on potential opportunities entails carrying out ongoing deep research, being open minded to new ideas and being well prepared with a nuanced POV before the opportunity arrives. Lastly, we actively assist in turbocharging a startup’s growth through counsel, access and insights from our extended network.

Our venture and structured debt strategy focuses on investment opportunities in startups that have limited access to conventional sources of financing but yet represent situations with high margin of safety . We seek to achieve win-win outcomes by financing high growth startups for their requirements around working capital, capex and growth initiatives, thereby also helping founders reduce their ongoing equity dilution.

Our growth equity and special situations strategy entails a flexible approach and focuses on short to medium term opportunities with an asymmetric risk reward profile. We expect these investment opportunities to arrive infrequently but when they do, we will act decisively and bet big. Most of these non correlated investment opportunities are generated by our ability to have bespoke access and bring unique insights, which when combined with an imminent catalyst, could lead to significant alpha generation.

Under the force labs model, we will selectively work with best in class founders at even the incubation stage to help test their hypothesis and build the initial MVP. No stage is too early for us although we certainly will be highly discerning. If there is a mutual fit and long term alignment, we will work closely with such founders to help launch their rocketship and seek to be a value additive partner on their journey.

SELECT INVESTEE Companies Across Strategies Including Prior

Stealth 1: Fintech Company

Stealth 2: B2B Company

Prior partnerships on the venture debt side include deals sourced and led by Karthik while leading Ubiquity Capital. While Ubiquity Capital will stop making new investments from end August 2021, Karthik will continue to lead and manage Ubiquity Capital”s existing portfolio until the investments are completely wound down over time